About Glykogen

GlykoGen aims to develop a pipeline of anti-glycan antibodies to target ‘hard to treat’ cancers, including pancreatic cancer, using an innovative and patentable process. GlykoGen’s vision is the delivery of more effective therapies for cancer, targeting cancer cells through their surface glycans. Glycans are of interest in the study of cancer because they play a role in almost every biological process and are involved in every major disease. However, their therapeutic potential in cancer remains to be exploited, due to the difficulties of producing antibodies to glycans.

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How the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry have transformed research and saved lives https://t.co/jc5DYlU8Dk

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About The Company

GlykoGen Limited was formed and registered in Scotland, in October 2016 by its founder Dr Kimberley Mackenzie.

What We Do

Glycans are one of the four fundamental classes of molecules that make up all living systems.

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